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Homemade with Organic & Natural Ingredients!



Kourabiedes (Buttery wedding cookies)


Unbleached flour, organic butter, almond slivers, free range eggs, aluminum free baking powder, baking soda and ouzo Pelada. Sprinkled with organic powdered sugar.


(per Box)

Koulourakia - Traditional - (Short bread cookies with/without sesame toppings)


Unbleached flour, grass fed Irish butter, free range eggs, organic veggie shortening, organic cane sugar, olive oil, orange juice, lemon-orange zest, baking soda, aluminum free baking powder and brandy.


$13.00 per Box


Voutimata (Biscotti)


Unbleached flour, free range eggs, almonds, raisins, olive oil, ouzo Pelada, organic cane sugar, real vanilla extract, aluminum free baking powder.


(per Bag)

Note: Minimum 3 days advanced ordering.